The new Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Michelle Williams includes some of the most beautiful ads I’ve seen in a very long time. The hair, the lipstick, the contrast in colors – it’s all stunning.





This is a real ballerina costume.


And I am effing obsessed. Look at this. LOOK AT IT I SAY! It’s stunning. I can’t quit staring. Oh, and this isn’t some small design school project. Oh no. Designer Iris Van Herpen made these for a little company called THE NEW YORK CITY BALLET. Hundreds of translucent plastic chips – each at only .03 millimeters (!) thick were sewn onto tulle. The sock part zips up in the back, and is actually sewn into the pointe shoe itself. And guess who’s directing/choreographing the show in which said dress is premiering? Just the one and only Benjamin Millepied. You know, Natalie Portman’s husband and baby daddy. GAH. This couple. They just ooz glamour. I bet their two year old son doesn’t even poop.