Throw Your Hands in the Ayres!

Sometimes you come across a smell so good, this is really all you can do:


Thanks to Birchbox, I’ve become familiar with the Ayres brand. Specifically their Patagonia collection – which includes soap, body butter, lotion, body scrub, and candles. (They have several other collections, but Patagonia is my favorite.)


OH, THE SMELLS! Patagonia is a mix of calming notes of lavender, bergamot, jasmine, and more masculine notes like oak moss, patchouli, and fir. Mix all those notes together, and it’s heaven. It’s a great unisex scent, too!

Personally, I’m partial to the body butter and bar soap. The body butter, with notes of jasmine and lavender, is perfect for bedtime. And their bar soap is so fragrant it can double as an air freshener for your bathroom!

Prices range from $10 to $28. Buy it here.


When you Wish Upon a Star(light candle.)

Most of you are familiar with Birchbox. If not, it’s a beauty subscription service. Every month you’ll get a cute little box with 4-5 beauty and lifestyle samples. As far as I know, it’s one of the original beauty subscription services. And it’s still quite cheap-only $10 a month.

I received a cute little candle in my December Birchbox. Since I already have several candles in my bedroom, I set this cute little votive-sized candle on my bathroom counter. This was two weeks ago, and my bathroom still smells fantastic! I’ve always used Glade room fresheners (or something in that category) in my bathroom. But they always lose their scent in a few days.

This little bugger is barely two inches tall. Can you imagine how long the full-sized candle would pretty up your bathroom?

Oh, and it hasn’t even been lit. It’s just sitting on the counter, chillin’. The company is called Greenleaf and the scent I was sent is called “Starlight.” It’s fresh floral smell with a hint of musk. (Maybe sandalwood?)

I’m hooked. $17 (full-size), available at Greenleaf.