Everyday I’m Russell’n.

Yeah…..that’s a lame title for a post. Stay with me.

So we all know Russell Wilson is pretty much the best quarterback in the NFL. (Suck it, Peyton.)

And that he spends hundreds of his off hours donating his time and money to charities across the country, including visiting patients at the Seattle Children’s Hospital every Tuesday that he’s in town.

But did you know he’s also a really, REALLY good baseball player? He played college baseball for North Carolina State University before transferring to Wisconsin, and played minor league baseball for both the Tri-City Dust Devils and Ashville Tourists.

He recently went down to Arizona to participate in spring training with the Texas Rangers. For a couple days, he ran drills with the team, met with the Ranger’s head office, and visited with fans.

But all you really need to know is this is what he looks like in a baseball uniform:




Ich Liebe Sie!

I’m kind of, sort of, completely in love with Olympic ice skater Aliona Savchenko’s outfit. It’s over the top and fabulous. She wore it during their short program, set to the music of The Pink Panther. (Duh.) For the record, she and her partner took the bronze medal home for Germany.

But in my campy heart of hearts, she was pure gold.





Look at her. She knows she’s killing it. She gives zero effs!


Bright Lights, Big City.

I live in Washington State. Born and raised.
I’m also a huge, fanatical, scream-your-lungs-out sports fan.
But for three decades, I’ve come to accept that my teams just don’t win championships.
Sports journalists forget we even exist.
Sports broadcasters can’t remember our names.
Our team’s apparel is usually on sale.
Tickets are far too easy to get.
Our basketball team moves to Oklahoma.
Every once in awhile, we catch a glimmer of hope. We win a few games in a row.
Could things be different this year?
But we know that those hopes will eventually come crashing down.
So we don’t let our thoughts get too carried away.
Please don’t interpret this as not being loyal. Haven’t you heard of the 12th Man?
The loudest fans in the NFL. The loudest stadium in the NFL.
We’re very loyal.
That’s why it hurts even more.
We got a taste of this thing called “winning” last year.
We were only a couple games away from the Super Bowl.
So we came into this season with cautiously high hopes.
And sometimes the stars align.
We won. And we won good.
Maybe now they’ll remember.


Beantown Bananas.

Congratulations, Boston! As a die-hard fan of one of the only *two* teams in the MLB to never make it to the World Series, I salute you. You deserved this.

Favorite World Series tweet of the night:

HA! Long live the Flyin’ Hawaiian.